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  NFL Wildcard weekend!!

Hitman233001/04/2020 12:12PM

  Re: NFL Wildcard weekend!!

Hitman232001/04/2020 07:51PM

  Re: NFL Wildcard weekend!!

Hitman232201/04/2020 08:13PM

  The Boston Cheatriots get eliminated!!!

Hitman231901/04/2020 11:29PM

  OT in New Orleans!!!

Hitman231801/05/2020 04:13PM

  Minnesota wins!!!

Hitman232701/05/2020 04:26PM

  Goodbye Philly!!

Hitman232201/05/2020 07:43PM

  Re: Minnesota wins!!!

Gator402/21/2020 01:17AM

  2,652 Sunday's ago...

Hitman233401/12/2020 11:53AM

  Re: 2,652 Sunday's ago...

unclekevin1301/23/2020 09:00AM

  Re: 2,652 Sunday's ago...

Hitman231401/23/2020 10:55AM

  Re: 2,652 Sunday's ago...

unclekevin1201/24/2020 10:06AM

  Re: 2,652 Sunday's ago...

Hitman231401/24/2020 01:33PM

  Re: 2,652 Sunday's ago...

unclekevin1201/27/2020 03:53PM

  Re: 2,652 Sunday's ago...

Hitman231001/29/2020 01:39PM

  Eli Manning retiring after 16-year Giants career!!

Hitman232001/22/2020 07:26PM

  Re: Eli Manning retiring after 16-year Giants career!!

unclekevin1401/23/2020 08:59AM

  Re: Eli Manning retiring after 16-year Giants career!!

Hitman231501/23/2020 10:56AM

  Eli was asked about Derek Jeter during his PC today.

Hitman231501/24/2020 01:38PM

  Championship Sunday

Hitman232201/19/2020 12:53PM

  Chiefs vs Titans halftime

Hitman231301/19/2020 04:34PM

  The Kansas City Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl!

Hitman231401/19/2020 06:11PM

  49ers win!

Hitman231401/19/2020 09:45PM

  Best NFL weekend of the year!

Hitman233101/11/2020 04:24PM

  Re: Best NFL weekend of the year!

Hitman232001/11/2020 04:28PM

  49ers advance

Hitman231901/11/2020 07:41PM

  The Titans stun the Ravens!!!

Hitman232101/11/2020 11:27PM

  Part 2 today..

Hitman231901/12/2020 11:43AM

  Where's the KC Chiefs???

Hitman231901/12/2020 03:40PM

  From 24-0 to 24-21!!!!!!!!!!

Hitman232201/12/2020 04:24PM

  What a comeback!!!!!

Hitman231801/12/2020 04:48PM

  Re: What a comeback!!!!!

Hitman231601/12/2020 06:02PM

  KC wins 51-31

Hitman231601/12/2020 06:31PM

  Green Bay wins 28-23

Hitman231501/12/2020 09:51PM

  The Final Four

Hitman232001/12/2020 09:59PM

  Giants fire HC Pat Shurmur..

Hitman233612/30/2019 10:00AM

  Dave Gettleman kept on as GM

Hitman232412/30/2019 10:05AM

  Matt Rhule the early favorite to replace Pat Shurmur

Hitman232712/30/2019 10:11AM

  Josh McDaniels to be interviewed

Hitman232112/31/2019 09:58AM

  Wink Martindale to be interviewed

Hitman231812/31/2019 10:04AM

  Ex-Packers HC Mike McCarthy to be interviewed on Friday.

Hitman232001/01/2020 05:26PM

  Giants coaching search: Report — “Giants or nothing” for Matt Rhule

Hitman231901/04/2020 11:58AM

  Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy!!

Hitman231901/06/2020 11:25AM

  Giants interview Patriots' Joe Judge for head coach position

Hitman232101/06/2020 05:45PM

  Report: Panthers Finalizing Deal To Hire Matt Rhule!!!

Hitman232101/07/2020 10:52AM

  First Mike McCarthy, now Matt Rhule

Hitman231801/07/2020 10:56AM

  The New York Football Giants have a NEW coach!!! It's Joe Judge!

Hitman231901/07/2020 11:44AM

  I wonder....

Hitman232101/07/2020 12:02PM

  Joe Judge press conference

Hitman232401/09/2020 12:40AM

  Joe Judge's first interview as Giants head coach

Hitman231901/09/2020 03:05PM

  Week 17

Hitman232812/29/2019 12:26PM

  Re: Week 17

Hitman232112/29/2019 06:01PM

  Re: Week 17

Hitman232312/29/2019 07:20PM

  The Chase Young Bowl

Hitman233412/22/2019 11:39AM

  Re: The Chase Young Bowl

Hitman232612/22/2019 01:14PM

  Re: The Chase Young Bowl

Hitman232612/22/2019 01:17PM

  Saquon Barkley

Hitman232412/22/2019 01:22PM

  Redskins tie it up!

Hitman232212/22/2019 01:38PM

  Giants take the lead

Hitman232412/22/2019 01:52PM

  Another Giants touchdown

Hitman232412/22/2019 02:26PM


Hitman232412/22/2019 02:29PM

  Haskins leaves the game

Hitman232212/22/2019 02:48PM

  Keenum throws a TD pass!

Hitman232012/22/2019 03:10PM

  Danny Dimes does it again...

Hitman232212/22/2019 03:18PM

  Redskins quickly respond back!

Hitman232212/22/2019 03:33PM

  Tie game!!!!

Hitman232012/22/2019 04:19PM

  SON OF A.........

Hitman232512/22/2019 04:41PM

  Danny Dimes will start this Sunday

Hitman233312/20/2019 07:04PM

  Eli’s last stand...

Hitman234012/15/2019 04:22PM

  Re: Eli’s last stand...

Hitman232312/16/2019 09:28AM

  Re: Eli’s last stand...

Hitman232112/16/2019 09:29AM

  The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman237011/10/2019 02:06PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman235711/10/2019 02:25PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman235611/10/2019 02:55PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman235211/10/2019 03:09PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman235011/10/2019 03:16PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman235011/10/2019 03:24PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman234911/10/2019 03:31PM

  Re: The Toilet Bowl... Jets vs Giants.

Hitman234811/10/2019 03:43PM

  Jets 34 - Giants 27

Hitman235711/10/2019 04:16PM

  The Giants & Jets make a trade with each other!!!

Hitman237610/28/2019 06:05PM

  The Yankees took care of Minnesota this weekend..

Hitman237410/06/2019 02:21PM

  Vikings win.

Hitman235810/06/2019 04:07PM

  At least the Cowboys lost..

Hitman236210/06/2019 08:55PM

  Re: At least the Cowboys lost..

unclekevin6710/07/2019 01:33PM

  The Daniel Jones era begins

Hitman239609/17/2019 11:15AM

  Re: The Daniel Jones era begins

Hitman236709/22/2019 04:11PM

  Field goal on first drive.

Hitman237109/22/2019 04:28PM


Hitman236909/22/2019 04:30PM

  First NFL career rushing touchdown!!!

Hitman237309/22/2019 04:52PM


Hitman236709/22/2019 05:07PM

  Fumble by Jones

Hitman236909/22/2019 05:26PM

  Oh no!!!

Hitman236409/22/2019 05:27PM

  What a comeback!!!!!

Hitman238409/22/2019 08:58PM

  NFL Week One:

Hitman2310809/08/2019 04:30PM

  Re: NFL Week One:

unclekevin7209/08/2019 06:14PM

  Re: NFL Week One:

Hitman238409/08/2019 07:12PM

  NFL Week Two:

Hitman237109/15/2019 10:10PM

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