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Re: Jen Lada on Twitter

July 30, 2020 08:12AM
8 games during the 60 game season = 20 games in the regular season. Cannot believe how obtuse MLB is being - so Joe appeals to the same jerk(s0 who handed out the suspension because they want to set an example ????? or protect the cheaters from Houston??? Keep making a mockery of the game Robbie maybe you can drive away all the fans except those from Houston

  WTG Joe Kelly

toga55July 29, 2020 03:06PM

  Re: WTG Joe Kelly

Hitman2338July 29, 2020 03:09PM

  Re: WTG Joe Kelly

toga39July 29, 2020 03:44PM


toga38July 29, 2020 05:25PM


Hitman2335July 29, 2020 06:28PM


toga37July 29, 2020 07:04PM

  Marcus Stroman: Joe Kelly's Suspension for Astros Incident 'Makes Zero Sense'

Hitman2337July 29, 2020 07:47PM

  Cleveland's Mike Clevinger chimes in...

Hitman2338July 29, 2020 07:53PM

  Re: Cleveland's Mike Clevinger chimes in...

unclekevin43July 29, 2020 08:18PM

  Bwwwwwaaaaaaah ha ha ha ha ha!!!

Hitman2338July 29, 2020 09:09PM

  Jen Lada on Twitter

Hitman2338July 29, 2020 09:13PM

  Re: Jen Lada on Twitter

toga36July 30, 2020 08:12AM

  Re: Jen Lada on Twitter

unclekevin38July 30, 2020 08:58PM

  Re: Jen Lada on Twitter

toga33July 30, 2020 09:02PM

  Like Jen Lada said...

Hitman2336July 30, 2020 09:58PM

  Re: Like Jen Lada said...

toga35July 30, 2020 10:21PM