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Re:The Jist

June 17, 2020 03:29PM
Manfred & TOny Clark met on Tony's turf yesterday/last night - Clark has agreed the players WILL NOT FILE A GRIEVANCE. MLB owners are suggesting a 60 games in 70 day season with expanded playoffs of 16 teams (8 each league). Puts playoffs in the precarious position of October which approaching the timeline CDC & Dr.Faucci anticipate a second wave. Let's see what happens but could someone tell why these idiots could not met face to face months ago instead of all the BS that has gone back & forth.

  According to Jon Heyman

Hitman2370June 17, 2020 02:37PM

  Report: MLB and MLBPA Close to Agreement

Hitman2326June 17, 2020 02:41PM

  TMKS is a must watch today!!

Hitman2323June 17, 2020 02:55PM

  Re: TMKS - always a must watch

toga22June 17, 2020 03:01PM

  Re: Report: MLB and MLBPA Close to Agreement

toga23June 17, 2020 02:57PM

  Report: 60 games in 70 days

Hitman2323June 17, 2020 03:14PM

  Re:The Jist

toga21June 17, 2020 03:29PM

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Hitman2323June 17, 2020 03:33PM

  Re: Re:The Jist

toga19June 17, 2020 04:57PM

  Re: Re:The Jist

Hitman2320June 17, 2020 06:24PM

  Re: Re:The Jist

toga23June 17, 2020 07:07PM

  The jist

Hitman2322June 17, 2020 09:28PM

  Re: The jist

Giambino20June 18, 2020 01:44PM

  Re: The jist

Hitman2318June 18, 2020 05:44PM

  Re: The jist

unclekevin19June 18, 2020 05:58PM

  Re: The jist

Giambino26June 18, 2020 09:40PM

  Re: According to Jon Heyman

toga25June 18, 2020 03:08PM

  So much for yesterday's promising news...

Hitman2319June 18, 2020 05:44PM