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Yankees cheating allegations are total sham

June 14, 2020 02:07PM
You’d think that, given their workplace of Texas, the Astros players would know the difference between a smoking gun and a hand-sized water pistol.

Alas, those from the defending American League champions who took to social media on Saturday — in the wake of a titillating story that tied the Yankees to illegal sign-stealing — will learn soon enough that they jumped the gun.

Actually, if they have been reading The Post regularly, as they should, then the upcoming big reveal will turn out to be smaller than a hidden buzzer.



  Oh boy....

Hitman2347June 13, 2020 12:45PM

  Re: Oh boy....

toga32June 13, 2020 02:26PM

  Yankees cheating allegations are total sham

Hitman2330June 14, 2020 02:07PM