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Re: Oh boy....

June 13, 2020 02:26PM
no idea wants in the letter - it was no secret that the Yankees and other teams had participated in some sort of sign stealing. I'm curious who's behind this - the judge didn't just decide to work on opening it on his own.

Can't see it being other owners (except maybe Beantown & * ) - - that was why no one push too hard after Manfred announced the slap on the wrist punishment for the Sux & * .Not that most of the 2020 is not being played and those 1 year punishments will be ending, fans will have pushed trash banging to the basement, someone wants to resurrect the scandal again with focus on the Yankees.

Between COVID delays & sign stealing scandals, my baseball passion is being pushed to the limit - no idea where this will end!!!!!

  Oh boy....

Hitman2348June 13, 2020 12:45PM

  Re: Oh boy....

toga32June 13, 2020 02:26PM

  Yankees cheating allegations are total sham

Hitman2331June 14, 2020 02:07PM