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October 06, 2021 07:18AM
Aaron also brought up the fact that Gerrit had battled COVID just prior to the hammy and perhaps the combo has effected his delivery. Cole took responsibiltiy for his failure, his short outing allowing no excuses - he also gave brief, succinct answers without his usual explanation especially when asked about the hammy. I watched his expression and eyes - for me the at least some of the anwer was there.

Give a little time to absorb this heartbreaker and then we can speculate on 2022 - already the headlines are out ' three Yankees who won't be back' scenerios: Boone, Nevin & Voit. If Boone goes then the analytics guys better be replaced since he was listiening to them.

  Thank you Buck Showalter

toga90October 05, 2021 11:34PM

  What did Buck say?

Hitman2350October 05, 2021 11:39PM

  Re: What did Buck say?

toga49October 06, 2021 06:06AM


toga40October 06, 2021 07:18AM

  Re: What did Buck say?

Hitman2335October 06, 2021 11:54AM

  Re: What did Buck say?

toga21October 06, 2021 12:44PM