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Re: What did Buck say?

October 06, 2021 06:06AM
Buck said that the hammy on his landing leg could be causing the missed locations that are being hit. It's not an excuse because he took the ball and went out there- but there is no way he was back in less than week and it was healed. Michael agreed - but added instead of trying to go out there he could have helped the team more by speaking up (old school habits it's my turn give me the ball and I'll give it my best attitude) Going to watch the ENCORE for Boone & Cole's thoughts but know Gerrit is not going tomake any excuses - it was his job and he should have made better pitches. Remember when asked about the hammy in the past, he would give no explanation just either I'm fine or it's ok - everything else he articulates on including pitches/motion, etc. If I learn more, I will add it.

  Thank you Buck Showalter

toga90October 05, 2021 11:34PM

  What did Buck say?

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