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Another GM Decisions-Options

October 14, 2020 03:03PM
After Hal's interview on TMKS, and the PC for Boone & Cash - we know that organizational meetings are in the near future-Cash indicated they could begin as early as next week. Remember in making decisions or thoughts, the Yankees have the highest payroll and in the next few years will be faced with contracts of Judge, Sanchez, Torres, Andujar (providing none are traded). Stanton's non-trade contract is on the books for 7 more years and 8 years for Cole Train.

Let's turn this discussion to the two guys who have options coming up following the WS: Garner & Britton.As the youngest-tenured and homegrown Yankee, Brett Gardner is winding down a nice little career. He has always given his all and contributed to the Team. The shortened 2020 season was a rocky start for Gardy, but he picked it up down the stretch and in the playoffs. Do the Yankees pick up his option as a 4th OFer? Likely the starting OF will be Frasier, Hicks & Judge - can they make it through a season without serious injuries??? Taucman and also Esteben Florial are awaiting their big chance to break through at the MLB level. Esie has been hampered by injuries. Soxman had a nice 2019 season but struggled in 2020. Do we bring Gardy back for one more season & see how he performs? Or just let him go?

Zack Britton has been so key to the bull pen doing whatever was asked- closing when Chapman wasn't available; setting up for Chapman - coming in to get 4-6 outs if necessary in post season. The Yankees have a 2-year option they can pick up following the end of the 2020 season. If not, Brit will still be a Yankee in 2021 BUT gets a player's option for 2022. I would like to pick up the option - Chapman makes me uncomfortable after blowing back-to-back do-or=die games in the playoffs. Your thoughts

  Another GM Decisions-Options

toga35October 14, 2020 03:03PM