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Re: Hal On TMKS

October 13, 2020 04:31PM
Hal said Boone will be back next year and supports Cash. Coaches, players, etc will be evaluated during the coming weeks as Hal meets with scouts, other brass - as for Domingo Germain - the Yankees want to be sure he has turned his life around and understands the severity of what he did- brass & family will consider/
Like us he was disappointed even yells at the TV when things are frustrating. Naturally he would not reveal future moves for the 2021 team. DJ has been a key player but no indication on how hard pursuit to re-sign him will be. Same with Gardy & Tanaka who have been with the Yankees longest- but did indicate their contributions & fan support would be considered. Pleased but not surprised with Cole Train's first year- we got what we expected.

Once organizational meetings start we might get some light on the direction the team will take. Expect to see Cash make an appearance on TMKS during the coming weeks.

  Hal On TMKS

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