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****NOTICE ** - Server change will take place Friday 6/19 @ 9PM EDT*****

June 17, 2020 09:50PM
** NOTICE ** - Server change will take place Friday 6/19 @ 9PM EDT
by Ramsrule
Posted: Today

First off, I want to thank the group of testers we had that put the new server through its paces. I've got a little gift in mind as a token of our appreciation, but it'll have to wait until after the move is complete before I can get the logistics worked out.

As for the testing, it was a success. So we’re ready to make the move to the new box (aka server).

Here's the server migration timeline for this upcoming weekend -

- Board system to be taken offline around 9 PM EDT on Friday, 6/19
- Backups of the board software and database will be taken - Friday night
- Transfer/update the domain names (ramsrule.com, ramsrule.net and ramsfootballfans.com) to the new server - Friday night/Saturday morning
- Restore the board software and database backups to the new server - Saturday
- Check for any issues - Saturday
- Set the board software to be back online (time to be determined - hopefully some time on Saturday - 6/20 - could linger into Sunday)

One of the key factors in this type of move is the propagation of the domain names. We do not have control over how often your ISP’s update their DNS records, so while some of you will be able to get to the new server almost immediately after we do step 3 (but the boards will not be running at that point since we will have yet to have restored the backups), others may take days before seeing the changes. There’s nothing we can do to mitigate the issue since technically, it’s not our issue.

Please save the email address for the admin team and send us any questions, comments or also report any issues that may arise during the migration - ramsadmin@gmail.com

I hope that everything goes well (both with us and also your ISP’s) and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on the new server this weekend!!

Thanks in advance for your patience during the move.

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  ****NOTICE ** - Server change will take place Friday 6/19 @ 9PM EDT*****

Giambino42June 17, 2020 09:50PM