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Does Mad Dog have rabies??

June 17, 2020 03:36PM
This is why I always liked Francesa over the Mad Dog. He was always pro-owner/anti-player...

Not to mention, he's also a Yankee hater.

Chris "Mad Dog" Russo catches the rabies while ranting about Bryce Harper and Trevor Bauer

During his daily Mad Dog Unleashed show on Tuesday afternoon, weeks of MLB tension finally boiled over as Mad Dog turned an unsuspecting caller into kibble before wheeling wild-eyed on Bryce Harper and Trevor Bauer, both of whom took to Twitter this week to express their readiness to get “back to baseball.” Here’s the meltdown in its full, froth-mouthed glory.



  Does Mad Dog have rabies??

Hitman2331June 17, 2020 03:36PM