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Re: I'm in Love

February 13, 2020 01:34PM
He is the consummate teammate - his intelligience comes through loud & clear with every answer. He will definitely be an asset and has been welcomed by his new teammates. As for the Houston scandal & we've heard this from other sources, he wasn't privy to it It was getting signs for batters so makes sense that the pitchers might not be aware of what was going on at the time. He feels he has nothing to apologize for & so far none of his new teammates have indicated he should. He embraces the idea that the Yankees are favored for a WS since his signing. He is so excited to be a Yankee. Definitely not a 'yes and no' guy - he elaborates every answer. Had been in contact with Matt Blake - looks to improve himself and communicate with his catcher about his pitches especially if one misses.
I was fascinated by how large his hands appeared, the long fingers - okay he's a pitcher and those are great. his sense of humor was also evident .
Let the season begin-


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