October 21, 2016 02:55PM

A-Rod is a Miller guy.

As a Yankee teammate of both Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller this season, Alex Rodriguez has a unique perspective at the moment in his role as FOX analyst. And it was intriguing to hear him say he thinks Miller is the best reliever in baseball.

But when asked about Miller's willingness to put ego aside and pitch in the middle innings, A-Rod's praise for Miller as a teammate was even higher:

"I played for 22 years and I've never seen a clubhouse hurt so much when a guy was traded,'' A-Rod said of Miller. "It wasn't just because he's great. He is the best reliever in the game. He has the best slider. He throws 94. He can get righties and lefties
"He's (also) extremely intelligent. He went to the University of North Carolina. He's a leader, he cares, he speaks out in meetings. I don't think the world knows what a special guy Andrew Miller is.

"What he does as a leader, what he does for the young teammates, and how he sets the tone for starters and relievers, he's off the charts.''

I FULLY AGREE.......LIKE HIM MORE THAN CHAPMAN......HOPE TRADE WORKS OUT BUT we lost not the not only a great reliever but a team leader.........and that we lack. After seeing what he is doing for the tribe I really will miss him next year. if Frazier doesn't turn out to be a phenom then....but time will tell....,

  Andrew Miller ALCS MVP

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