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A little tidbit...

November 17, 2022 06:20PM
If Aaron Judge wins the MVP tonight...

He'll be the only second Yankees player to win both the MVP and the Rookie of the Year award(s).

The other Yankee player??

Thurman Munson!

  AL MVP will be announced tonight.

Hitman23160November 17, 2022 01:38PM

  Re: AL MVP will be announced tonight.

toga107November 17, 2022 02:06PM

  It's 6:00pm!!!!!

Hitman23110November 17, 2022 06:03PM

  A little tidbit...

Hitman23110November 17, 2022 06:20PM

  Our MVP is the AL 2022 MVP

toga104November 17, 2022 06:56PM

  Re: Our MVP is the AL 2022 MVP

Hitman23103November 17, 2022 07:05PM

  It’s 7:10pm

Hitman23106November 17, 2022 07:10PM

  Re: It’s 7:10pm

toga109November 17, 2022 07:13PM

  Seems bogus

Hitman23109November 17, 2022 07:15PM

  It’s 7:15pm!!!

Hitman23107November 17, 2022 07:15PM

  It’s now 7:30pm!!!

Hitman23112November 17, 2022 07:31PM

  Re: It’s now 7:30pm!!!

toga98November 17, 2022 07:34PM

  Re: It’s now 7:30pm!!!

Hitman23105November 17, 2022 07:37PM