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Re: Three more outs…

October 05, 2021 11:20PM
well at least it's not gut wrencher just a punch in the gut - could be a very intersting off season but don't expect too much in the way of signings until the CBA gets done - but that won't stop speculations and headlines

  Nine more outs…

Hitman2356October 05, 2021 10:35PM

  Re: Nine more outs…

toga33October 05, 2021 10:37PM

  Six more outs…

toga27October 05, 2021 10:42PM

  Six more outs…

Hitman2336October 05, 2021 10:42PM

  Three more outs…

Hitman2334October 05, 2021 11:11PM

  Re: Three more outs…

toga28October 05, 2021 11:20PM

  What more appropriate

toga23October 05, 2021 11:21PM

  Another solo shot

Hitman2325October 05, 2021 11:23PM

  Stanton goes boom

toga30October 05, 2021 11:23PM

  Last out...

Hitman2331October 05, 2021 11:24PM

  Not that's fitting

toga30October 05, 2021 11:24PM

  Re: Not that's fitting

Hitman2333October 05, 2021 11:25PM

  Re: Not that's fitting

Hitman2323October 05, 2021 11:29PM

  Re: Not that's fitting

toga26October 05, 2021 11:30PM

  Re: Not that's fitting

Hitman2332October 05, 2021 11:31PM