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W/C Chase

September 13, 2021 02:04PM
Last night's loss was the last in a long list of gut wrenching losses this season - but what this did was to (at least for now) virtually take it out of our control. What we can do though is go out every game play hard, not give games away with slopping fielding or wasted abs. We have a 10 game trek beginning today with clubs (Twinkies, O's, Indians & Rangers) .500 or below teams. Teams we not only should but need to trample - no ekking out a win - Jack Curry suggested winning 8/10 my thought was to actually sweep to have a chance with the winning attitude and ways that the kids of Toronto are demonstrating. They're playing hungry ball with their eyes on the playoffs. Anything less than winning at least 8 of the next 10 will pretty much say book your flights home following October 3rd gaaame. At least for now I'm going to cling to that tiny thread -

  W/C Chase

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