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Interesting week ahead

November 26, 2021 06:20PM
Wednesday is the end of the current CBA and it's unlikely a new agreement will even be close. Baseball operations/facilities will shut down. Technically it won't be considered a walkout/strike or closeout until February when P&Cs are scheduled to arrive for ST. So far they have been a few trades and FA signings - with maybe a few more coming but not expecting anything significant until the new argeement is signed letting owners & GMs know how contracts will impact luxury taxes. To keep us updated through the negotiations (especially whatever information gets 'leaked' to the media) will YES Hot Stove which returns to airwaves 7 pm Thursday, December 2nd.

  Interesting week ahead

toga258November 26, 2021 06:20PM

  Re: Interesting week ahead

Hitman23141November 26, 2021 09:18PM